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Five weeks ago I needed assistance to get out of bed. I had severe pain in both hips, lower back and groin. Went to an orthopedic surgeon thinking my hips had to be replaced. My knees were done 10 years ago. After x-rays and MRI, the problem was my lower back. The doctor said I could try pain injections in my spine (which he said if they worked, they would probably give me relief for one month) and of course the next step would be surgery to free up the nerve. 

After the first five weeks of chiropractic manipulations and decompression therapy, I feel great! I can sleep through the night, sit without pain, and get out of bed unassisted. My pain level has decreased so much. I've even started an exercise program at the gym. I highly recommend chiropractic manipulation and decompression therapy. Dr. Garfield worked out an easy payment plan. He is so kind and considerate. As an R.N., I know the problem with back surgery. Patients are often in worse shape secondary to scar tissue formation. Plus the risk of surgery and anesthesia. It's just not worth it. Chiropractic treatment and then continued treatments for maintenance is the only answer. 

Rosemary F. 

Dr. Garfield has made a difference in my life. I hurt my back and was in quite a bit of pain. A friend recommended Dr. Garfield Saying he was a tremendous help to her. After three months, I am almost completely pain free. I have been able to resume all my prior physical activities! 

Lucy H. 

My experience has been awesome! I've never felt better in my life! Thanks!

Tyler M.

When I first came to see Dr. John, my back situation was pretty bad. Once my lower back locked (or felt like it was locked). That event made me decide to come see a chiropractor. After several stretches and adjustments I noticed my self esteem increased. Also, I noticed more range of motion when I was doing my work. In addition, I felt more likely to exercise, walk, etc. All in all I truly believe that my decision to come see a chiropractor was a wise one. More and more I find myself teaching my friends about the great things I've been experiencing being under chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. John. 

Ozeas D. 

My wife and I were preparing for a month-long European tour which was going to entail a great deal of walking. As much as 3-4 miles every day. We assessed our capabilities and decided that we were definitely NOT in shape to do that, considering our age and physical condition. We are both 68, she with a recurring hip problem, and me with numbness in my upper thigh and a dull ache behind my left knee after less than an hour on our feet. This was going to be the biggest vacation of our lifetime, so we decided that we needed the service of a reputable chiropractor to get us evaluated and in shape for what was ahead. After a few short months of his program, we improved our strength and endurance to a level of total confidence... we walked every day and neither of us ever had an of the symptoms that motivated us to seek Dr. Garfield's help, and thus we could enjoy the remarkable experiences without any pain to ruin the vacation. We are both so grateful for Dr. Garfield's expertise. Thank you, John. 

-Ed and Lin B.

Success Story... I have had back problems for years, but it became more serious about a year ago. The best way I can describe it was that my lower back was easily fatigued. If I stood for more than fifteen minutes or did anything physical that involved standing I would need to sit and rest my back. The final straw was when I could no longer play 18 holes of golf without severe pain. My neighbor, who suffered from a similar condition, recommended Dr. Garfield. The first appointment was spent discussing my condition. Dr. Garfield is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer my many questions. He took a series of x-rays and then explained in detail how chiropractic care would help my situation. I must say that after forty years of sitting at a desk (with extremely poor posture!) my expectations were not very high. Boy, was I surprised!! After one month of treatments, I am able to walk for a half hour without any pain. I'm enjoying golf again. I'm hitting the golf ball about 15 yards longer because I can make a full turn without discomfort (a key to hitting the ball further). I'm playing the best golf I have in many years, in part because I can practice without pain. I know every situation is different, but for me, Dr. Garfield has been a Godsend! I'm enjoying life more and doing things I haven't been able to do for five years or more ...things like taking a leisurely walk around the mall with my wife, taking the dog for a three mile hike, or hitting a hundred golf balls at the practice range!

-T. Lane

I hobbled into Dr. Garfield's office with painful sciatica, spinal stenosis, and a spine that was badly out of alignment. In just a couple of sessions I was moving easier and the sciatica was reduced from very painful to nearly constant to minor and only occasional. I also am able to stand straight and walk smoothly. I also got an education on how the body works and heals itself if properly attended to. So glad I found Dr. Garfield and his excellent staff. 

-P. Kennedy

I was referred to Dr. Garfield by several Pebble Creek residents. I used to walk 3 miles a day and have not been able to do that for four years. 

I went in to see Dr. Garfield due to immense pain in my left hip and knee, and that was making it very difficult to walk. I could not sleep on either side. After my x-rays, he informed me that the problem was coming from my back- WOW! We started a treatment of adjustments and deep heat with ice packs of 3 times a week, then would gradually work down to a maintenance of once a month over time.

Within a very short time (I started my treatments the beginning of April 2014 and by the end of April 2014) I am now able to sleep on both of my sides with no pain and am able to walk 3 blocks with no pain. I am increasing my walking gradually. I realized that this would take time and respect what my back can handle. I am faithfully doing the exercises and using ice packs, as he is recommending. I am using my exercise ball, doing my back exercises and arm pulls in my doorway. When I feel the pain, I stop doing and use my ice packs and rest my back. 

Dr. Garfield is the best!! He also has the best staff, Alina, Sonia, and Jennifer. 

My husband will also be coming to see him as well. 

Thank you so much!

-L. Beakley

I have been to many Chiropractors in the past several years and by God he sent me a miracle,  Dr. Garfield. I have had severe pain in my neck and back for almost all my life. The pain was getting worse to the point where I wanted to give up my professional job in Phoenix, I had so much pain, I had to get a ride to and from work so I could lay down and I continually took time off work. 

I saw Dr. Garfield and he performed a comprehensive exam and x-rays on me.  He then put a report together and explained to me that he wasn't sure if he could pull me out of all this chronic pain without some extensive treatments but he would be willing to try to help me out.  I was impressed with his knowledge of information and I decided to get treated.

I started out with exercises, cold laser therapy and adjustments.  The treatments started to help me almost immediately.  His diversity in adjustments and the cold laser therapy started to help me in just a few weeks.  After a life time of severe pain and seeing another chiropractor in the past that seemed to do the same treatment every time, I was extremely impressed.

After a few months my pain level dropped over 50% and leveled off.  Dr. Garfield told me that all the treatments he has being doing for me may only keep me at this level and he did not want to waste my time if he could not do anything else.  He told me that the last several months he was looking into spinal decompression and a machine called Power Plate that NASA and many professional soccer and NFL football teams use to increase strength, mobility to joints, blood flow, and bone denisty.  He wasn't entirely sold on it but was researching it.  Well a month later he purchased the decompression unit and the Power Plate. At first the treatments seem to make me worse and Dr. Garfield and I were not sure if I should continue, but Dr. Garfield kept telling me we need to get past the threshold of discomfort.  Well he was absolutely right.  After a few weeks I started to get stronger than I had been in 10 plus years and I reduced my pain medication dramatically.  My strength continued to improve and my pain continued to drop.

Dr. Garfield did not give up on me and I am so appreciative of this.  My husband is so impressed with doc and his patients and willingness to go the extra mile for anyone.  I prayed to God for someone to help me and he fulfilled my prayers and I believe doc can and will do the same for you.

- Cathy B.   Goodyear, AZ  

I am walking again - sounds simple - it was a long hard road getting here. I have had pains in my legs for years, I had back surgery where calcium deposits were removed; however, it did not help for my legs. My husband was diagnosed with cancer, I put my pain on the back burner and took care of him, this did not cause my troubles, only aggravated them. Medical doctors gave me oral capsules (Cortisone) and my right leg progressively became worse where I had to walk with a walker. I went to a pain specialist that wanted to give me two shots of Cortisone in my spine and with the urging of my daughter I went to a Chiropractor who took X-rays, examined me and told me he could help as I had knotted muscles. After eighteen treatments I am walking again and I even walk on a treadmill at home, I still have a little way to go but will stick with it until I am completely free of pain. How wonderful Doctor Garfield has been, I just wish I had gone to him years before.

- L. Friend

Hello, my name is Rhonda Sinclair. I started going to Dr. John Garfield. When I had my initial consultation Dr. Garfield "listened" (in depth) to me about the severe pain I was in. He did not try to rush me out of the office, he took time asking questions and talking with me to get to know my situation. Dr Garfield did X-Rays of my shoulder/neck/upper back area. I was in so much pain that it was hard for me to even move my left arm up even a couple of inches to check my mobility in that arm. I really didn't think I'd ever be able to move my arm above my head again, that's how much pain I was in with each movement. I had trouble picking things up with my left hand, and would usually drop the object soon after I did manage to pick it up. My hand went numb and I would lose strength on a daily basis. I was in tears most of the time. I couldn't sleep at night without waking up in severe pain. I did what most Dr's cringe over…I lived on Tylenol PM and Advil. Those only helped on the surface for so long…then it was back to full force pain. On my next visit to Dr. Garfield, we went over my diagnosis and treatment plan. I had been to a Chiropractor many years ago, and thought I'd never go back to another one. Thank God I changed my mind! I have a few family members that have been going to Dr. Garfield off and on for a while now...So now we joke that we keep Dr. Garfield in business with my family alone HA!! Dr. Garfield has a new procedure called Cold Laser Therapy. It is one of the few procedures I had that really worked for me. I felt a difference in just a matter of days. In most cases the Cold Laser Therapy may work faster, but I had a stubborn muscle that didn't want to cooperate to treatment so it took a little longer. I also had Ultrasound and neck traction. To be honest, the traction is my favorite thing! It made my neck feel SO good. I would ask for Dr. Garfield to do traction on the days I was getting other treatments. It felt that good to me.

 I can truthfully say that I am doing SO MUCH better. The pain still comes at times in my healing process, but it is nothing like it was before. Dr. Garfield has an AWESOME bed side manner!! He is VERY friendly and tries to keep you as comfortable as possible while treatments are going on. Dr. Garfield has a great sense of humor and makes it such a pleasant atmosphere while you are in his office.

I received a COLD LASER treatment for the 1st time in June 2007and after 3 weeks of sleepless nights due to neck pain I was actually able to get a good nights sleep. It is a effective, painless treatment that takes only a few minutes time to administer. I am very excited about a non-evasive therapy treatment that takes up so little of my time and works so well. I am glad to have the opportunity to be one of Dr. Garfield's 1st patients to receive cold laser treatments. I believe that Dr. Garfield is on the forefront of the most up-to-date technology in chiropractic medicine. Thanks Dr. G!!!

Sincerely, Debbie H.

Dr. Garfield has a fantastic crew working with him. Cynthia is so warm and friendly. I have never been in the office to see her without a smile on her face. She cares about the patients in that office just as much as Dr. Garfield does. And there have been times when I needed to see that friendly smile and not once has Cynthia ever let me down. Mrs. Garfield also works in the office along side her husband. I have had Mrs. Garfield give me my ultrasound or other treatments when Cynthia was with another patient. Mrs. Garfield always greets you with a warm hello and a friendly smile. Courtney is another Assistant in the office. I haven't been around Courtney that much but from what I have seen she is also very friendly with the patients.

If you are looking for a Chiropractor, look no further. Dr. Garfield is THE BEST!! He cares so much about his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Garfield to anyone.

I was first introduced to the Power Plate in Dr. Garfield's office.  After the first use, I noticed that the neuropathy in my feet had vastly improved.  On my next visit to Dr. Garfield's office, I tried to Power Plate again and after that use the neuropathy continued to improve.

After my third use, I was so impressed with the results that I called Power Plate and bought one for myself for $10,000.00.

Since I have been using my Power Plate, I found it useful for my arthritis, for increased circulation in my legs and feet, no more swollen ankles and my flexibilty in golf has greatly improved.

I give Dr. Garfield and the Power Plate a perfect score of 10.  Try the Power Plate and I'm sure you will find it very useful.

- A. Lyles, Pebble Creek  

Thanks to Dr. John Garfield I am pain free for the first time in over a year!  It feels great to be able to say that.

- Sue B. from Pebble Creek  

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